Are Home Health Care Services What I Need?

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With a population that is getting older and living longer, it’s not surprising that many of us are thinking more about how to care for aging loved ones while we continue to work and live our own lives. Before it becomes an emergency situation, you may want to plan for the time when extra assistance might be needed.

There are two main types of in-home health care services. Skilled Care will provide trained nurses, aides, and therapists to assist with medical requirements. This could include care for someone after a traumatic accident, surgery, or a severe or long term illness. Custodial or Non-Clinical Care provides companionship and assistance with things like shopping, meals, bathing, dressing, etc. Some home health care agencies only provide one service or the other. Other agencies, such as Florida Home Care, provide any of the care services or guidance you would need to make sure the patient, your loved one, is getting the help they need.

How can you tell if home health care services are needed? It’s sometimes a difficult question to answer. After a hospital stay, medical emergency, or trauma the physician or the discharge planner may recommend it and provide some guidance to hire a Skilled Care Provider.

Skilled Care might also be needed if you notice that this person is suddenly becoming more forgetful, is shaky or weaker, or shows other physical or mental difficulties. Talk to their doctors, and to them.

If a person is home bound, or has trouble getting around without assistance (another person, a walker, etc.), they might need a Non-Clinical Care assistant.

A good home care service provider will help you and your loved one find the right path to recovery and better health.  They will have experienced navigators that can address medical and financial/insurance concerns to help you get the proper home health care service.

If you can, because it can be a tricky subject, try to talk to your family about having a contingency plan for caring for your loved one should extra help be needed. Do your research now on home care services for seniors. Remember – you’ll be the elder relative someday. It never hurts to be prepared.

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