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We’re already a month into 2017. We thought it’s a good time to look back on our New Year Resolutions.

If you are anything like the majority of us, you must have made a New Year Resolution or two with a hope to better your health and lifestyle.

Are you on track with your goals? Do you need motivation to keep up? Or maybe simply tweak a few things to make them more realistic and achievable?

  • Firstly be PATIENT. As the saying goes “slow & steady wins the race”. Remember this is only the beginning of February and you might not see big results right away. But hang in there as long as you are working towards your goal 🙂
  • Measure your progress: In order to understand if you are on the right path to reach your goal, you need to measure it.

You are not able to measure your progress???

Work on tweaking your goals to be more SPECIFIC & MEASURABLE

For example: If you plan to lose 10kgs in 2017, divide it by 1kg/month or 2kgs/month for the first 3 months and ½ kg or so for the later months. This helps you not get overwhelmed by a big target number.

  • Share your goal with a motivator: Be it a friend or family member who could remind or check on you with your progress. It is easy to break a promise to yourself but not to a loved one.
  • Get professional help (if needed): If you see any roadblocks in getting to your goal, do not hesitate to seek professional help. Many times we fail to recognize the depth of the problem. A professional can assess your case and come up with the fitting and doable solution.

For example: If you are not able to lose weight despite having started all the right eating habits and exercise, there could be a deeper problem with your body. Take a consultation with a doctor to make sure nothing is happening in your body that could be stopping you from losing weight. At Florida Home Care, we work towards simplifying these problems with free consultations and in house help.

  • Make a schedule: It is most times a no fail method. We always schedule kid’s school activities, holidays, special plans, and we stick to it because it’s on the schedule. Make your goal a priority like your kids and you are bound to get to it.
  • Any effort is better than no effort. Lastly, do not get discouraged by any surprise changes. If you fall off your schedule for any reason, just try and get back in the swing of things. It takes a lot of effort, but it’s so worth it at the end. If you plan to give your goal 1 hr a day but find you just can’t make that time, try making it at least 15 minutes a day. Efforts like this will make a world of a difference to help you reach your goal and make 2017 one of the best years for you!!!

We at Florida Home Care share the passion for making a difference in your life in every possible way

-Child care while you work towards your dream

-Take care of the adults at home if you need to be away

-Therapists and Doctors

-Highly skilled nurses

Success is calling you… Leave the stress to us!!!

Florida Home Care – Empower people for a better life

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