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Importance of Companionship

Importance of Companionship

Staying mentally fit and engaged can be challenging at any age. For the elderly, it can be especially difficult to stay active and motivated. Think about it, contemporaries and loved ones are starting to pass away and old age is having its effect on being able to move about easily and even to drive. This can be a particularly hard time if the person is living alone.

Feeling lonely and isolated can have a very negative impact on a person’s health, both mentally and physically. We have all had those moments where we have felt the pain and dread of being so alone. Family and friends visits can help, but they are often a perfunctory visit, or one done because the relative feels obligated. There can also be time constraints with work and other activities, or distance that makes frequent visits from family difficult.

There are some things that can be done to encourage continued social engagement and activities to help an elderly person stay active and interested.

  • Trips to a Senior Center or Elder Day Care can give the person a chance to participate in organized activities and associate with peers.
  • Having a Social Companion come in a few times a week. These warm hearted caregivers can help with errands, play games, or assist with routine home activities. Often someone who provides Social Companionship is younger, so it can be a more interesting.
  • Encourage them to volunteer. Some local hospitals look for volunteer grandparents for sick children. Or maybe helping out at a soup kitchen or charitable organization is more interesting.
  • Learn a new craft, language, or skill. Learning more about computers, or taking their lifelong interest in woodworking to the next level, can keep their mind sharp.

Companionship is so important to all humans of any age, and especially for those approaching their later years. Studies have shown that companionship keeps the mind sharp, boosts immunity, and helps physical strength and agility. It is an important aspect of life, and one we should share with each other while we can.


“The delight of opening a new pursuit, or a new course of reading, imparts the vivacity and novelty of youth even to old age.”  – Isaac D’Israeli


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Summer Fitness

For Summer Fitness – Stay Hydrated

Keeping up with your health or exercise routine can be difficult any time of the year, but it can be particularly trying during the hot and steamy summer. Whether it’s exercising to get fit or therapeutical assignments to help after surgery or an injury, the heat alone can quickly deplete you of water and energy and enthusiasm. Add a workout session and you could easily begin to show signs of severe dehydration.

Key to maintaining your health during the summer is hydration. Keeping that fluid level up will keep your muscles, tissues, organs, nerves, and mind running smoothly throughout the heat. Staying hydrated isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

1) Drink plenty of water. It seems obvious but still needs to be said. Always carry it with you. Drink on a schedule, every 15 to 30 minutes, not just when you are thirsty. If you are thirsty, you are already starting to get dehydrated.

2) Watch your sodium and electrolyte levels. Sodium is essential to our body, and during hot weather, and especially during exercise, much can be lost through perspiration and urination. If appropriate, you can utilize sports drinks to help replenish your system.

3) Rehydrate with fresh foods.  Enjoying eating the fresh fruits and vegetables of the season which will provide needed nutrition as well as hydration. Mangoes, oranges, grapes, melons, dark leafy greens like spinach, carrots, sweet peppers, blueberries, and other seasonal produce will make your efforts to stay hydrated healthier and tastier.

4) Avoid the hottest part of the day. If you need to exercise, plan to do it during a cooler part of the day. Earlier in the day often works best, or just before evening can be a cooler time. This way you aren’t exerting yourself and sweating more, conserving your water.

5) Listen to your body! If you start feeling lightheaded, dizzy or nauseous, stop what you are doing to drink some water and rest.

Summer doesn’t last forever. With a little common sense, and a bottle or two of water, you can easily keep up with your fitness routine and stay healthy and hydrated.

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How to Prepare Yourself and Your Home for Home Care


How to Prepare Yourself and Your Home for Home Care – Florida Home Care

There may be times when you or a loved one needs a little more help than expected. It may be because of an illness, surgery, or an unexpected emergency. Handling medical issues can be stressful to begin with. Add to that having someone coming in to your home to provide that extra care or therapy can add to that pressure. It takes some planning and thought, but having someone come in to your home and help can be a smooth transition and help relieve that stress.

Plan Out Your Questions – then Ask Them – Write down all of the questions you can think of regarding the need for home care. You’ll need this as you talk to the doctors, but also as you talk to your insurance company to see what is covered.  Questions might include: Is care needed around the clock, or just at certain times? What will the caregiver be required to do (give treatments or therapy, monitor equipment, change dressings, etc.)? How long will the person need to come to my house?

While in the hospital, talk to the doctor, nurses, and even discharge managers to get your questions answered. The more information you have, the better able you’ll be to prepare for home care. If you aren’t able to, make sure you have a relative or close friend that can be your voice and get you the information you need.

Look at Your Home – Once you have the details, you’ll better be able to look at your home environment and prepare for you, your loved one, and the care giver. If the patient is going to be in bed, you’ll be able to clear out some room to allow for any equipment that may be needed. If the person being cared for is more mobile, an area for therapy can be prepared. Talking to your Patient Care Coordinator will help you know the scope of the care and what is needed at your home.

Understand the Home Care Givers Role – It’s important to keep in mind why this person is in your home. They are there for therapy, treatments, etc. and to tend to the patient. Since they are in your home so often, you may ask them to do something without even realizing it (watch the dog, grab the laundry). Don’t be offended if they politely decline. Their sole purpose is to support the health of their patient.

Care is a state in which something does matter; it is the source of human tenderness

  • Roll May, psychologist

Gathering as much knowledge as possible before hand will help make it easier to prepare for home care. Realizing that everyone is working towards the same goal – helping the patient – will ease some of the stress and make your experience with the care giver be more successful.

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Respiratory Therapy

Every Breath is Important:

Between 17,000 and 27,000 times a day the average person does this without even thinking about it. It’s an essential action to our very existence. For many people, that little breath can be incredible difficult, if not impossible without assistance from medication or machinery, or gifted respiratory therapists.

Respiratory Therapists work under the direction of primary doctors and in conjunction with nurses and other medical staff. They work with all types of patients, from premature infants whose lungs are not fully developed to the elderly people with advanced lung disease, asthma, sleep apnea, and everything in between.

Patients, who are recovering from extensive surgery, long term illnesses, or chronic diseases like asthma or COPD, may need continuing respiratory therapy once they return home.

There are specific types of equipment that therapists might use, whether in the hospital or at home, to administer oxygen or medicine to the lungs to help the patient breathe easier. Some equipment is as simple as an Incentive Spirometer, which is used to help practice deep breathing and aids in keeping the lungs clear. Some are as complicated as a Ventilator, which mechanically circulates fresh air into the lungs and expels the used air for someone who is unable to breathe on their own.

Despite the pain or fear associated with breathing issues, it’s important to follow the exercises and recommendations of the Respiratory Therapist. Tell them of any pain or problems so they can completely assess the problems and supply the best treatment. Keep in mind; they do anything possible to help a person breathe.

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Managing Pain with Physical Therapy



Physical Therapy

How each person processes and feels pain is as individual and unique as a fingerprint. Treating that pain also needs to be addressed on an individual basis. There is not one guaranteed cure, but there are a variety of options.


With arthritis, certain diseases, or after surgery or an injury, pain can be almost intolerable. It can be a constant, or levels can fluctuate with various movements.  People, however, don’t want to move the affected areas because of that pain. Yet movement is often the key to the healing process.


Opioids are regularly prescribed to reduce pain. These drugs block receptors in the brain and nerves, reducing the pain signal pathway. They can be a useful ally in the short term treatment of post trauma pain. There are some, however, if used over the long term that can become addictive and will not necessarily help the underlying issue that is root cause for the pain. Using opiods and other pain relievers may cause the patient to “feel” better, when, in fact, they are not. The afflicted person could push themselves too hard because they aren’t feeling the pain and, thus, strain or damage the tissue and make the issue worse.

Physical Therapy is a process which can retrain your body to better utilize the muscles around the injured area and relieve the strain and aches, aiding in a more comprehensive recovery. PT focuses on the body’s ability to engage in movement.  Trained and certified Physical Therapists can assess the best exercises, stretches, and strengthening models to use for your specific requirements.  Activity and exercise will help build strength and flexibility, which in turn takes stress off painful joints.

Patience is the Key:

Ideally, when working with a Physical Therapist, the goal is to learn the proper way to exercise and perform the treatments at home. Hot or cold compresses may be recommended to assist in healing and pain relief. It takes time, and the healing process is a gradual one. Having patience will be rewarded with more flexibility, strength, endurance, and a lot less pain.

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Florida Home Care was created with a mandate to operate under the highest standards, policies and practices in the health care industry in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. We provide full comprehensive Clinical, Therapy, Non- clinical and Management services for residents of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. We are always available to address any concerns or questions. All issues will be resolved immediately and in a professional Manner. Florida Home Care can give you the comfort, peace of mind, and therefore the knowledge you have made the right decision.

Why Florida Home Care is the preferred choice in health care and support services:

Florida Home Care provides home care services for virtually every situation. Whether you simply want transportation to a medical appointment, part time home care clinical assistance or full time nursing care we can help. There are any numbers of home care services that say they can give the services you or your loved one’s want. However the difference in our home care services is the care we put and the relationship we build with the patient. We take tremendous efforts in our initial estimation of home care services need. Our comprehensive analysis takes into consideration not only your home care needs but your personal needs as well as. Our home care consultants and clinical professionals take their responsibility for the standard of your home care very responsibly and will not settle for any less than your complete satisfaction.

Our Management Team: The management team at Florida Home Care is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of excellence in home care services. Close supervision and regular review of each client’s contract ensures we maintain the highest standards of care in accordance with our client’s requirements.

Quality Care: The quality of our home care is at the heart of all of the services that we give to our clients. We foster and promote high quality standards of home care services and we are compliant with a strictly enforced code of conduct which is based on globally recognized best practice procedures for home care services.

The Right Match: We spend time getting to know every new client so we can provide a suitable care taker to deliver the needed care. This is a key component to our home care service offering. We think that the core relationship between the client and care taker is the key element that determines the overall success for care in the home.

Partnership Approach: We work in close partnership with our clients, our client’s loved ones, and our care takers, to deliver high quality care in the home that reflects our client’s particular individual requirements.

We created Florida Home Health Care with these high standards and requirements because we understand the desire to be at home. However that can sometimes be difficult if special care is needed. We want you to receive the care you need in the place you feel most comfortable – home.

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physicaal therapy

Latest In Physical Therapy

Initiating physical therapy at the onset of low back pain is better than ‘wait and see’ approach.

By Dr. Erik Hums, DPT, FAAOMPT, CSCS

Lower back pain is a condition that plagues an astonishing 61 percent of Americans, according to a 2012 survey by the American Physical Therapy Association. For years, many people who visit their physician while experiencing back pain have been told to follow the “wait and see” approach to monitor their symptoms before taking action. The “wait and see” approach may involve taking anti-inflammatory medications to temporarily relieve pain while monitoring symptoms. This delayed referral often has patients starting physical therapy 15-90 days after onset of pain, which is valuable recovery time.

Current research shows that this approach may not be the most effective. A systematic review of back pain patient outcomes illustrates that early initiation of physical therapy may decrease health costs and improve overall outcomes. Back pain treatment by a physical therapist can include manual therapy and manipulation, strengthening and flexibility exercises, education regarding proper lifting, bending, and sitting habits, and passive modalities such as heat, ice, and electrical stimulation to the affected area. By starting physical therapy at the onset of musculoskeletal pain, the patient may be able to avoid pain relief medications, painful injections, expensive advanced imaging, and invasive surgeries. Initiating physical therapy treatment early saves patients time and money, due to the high cost of the previously mentioned treatments and modalities.

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Latest In Speech Therapy

Speech therapy program helps Parkinson’s patients regain speaking ability.

By Daniel McDonald

Bill Hustrulid is a storyteller.

He also was an engineering professor for many years, and a strong voice has been crucial to his work as a lecturer.

The Spokane resident is retired now – though he keeps himself busy authoring books – but maintaining his speaking abilities is as important as ever.

Hustrulid, 75, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease three years ago, and started noticing his voice getting weak – a symptom of Parkinson’s – when his wife began frequently asking him to repeat himself.

“It’s a very complicated disease,” he said. “Some days it’s better than others.”

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic and progressive disorder of the central nervous system involving neuron damage in the brain that causes dopamine levels to drop, impacting a person’s ability to control their movements. The cause is unknown, and while there is no cure, treatment options are available to manage the symptoms.

“It affects me every day,” Hustrulid said, adding, “In terms of having depression or feeling sorry for myself, I don’t.”

Every week, he participates in a therapy program brought to the Spokane area by Doreen Nicholas, a speech-language pathologist at Eastern Washington University, after she underwent training by Parkinson Voice Project, a Texas-based nonprofit dedicated to helping Parkinson’s patients retain their ability to speak.

It consists of two parts: Speak Out, a series of one-on-one sessions that help the patient regain their voice, followed by the Loud Crowd, weekly group therapy that helps them retain it.

Nicholas, director of the university’s Hearing and Speech Clinic, says the training she received from Parkinson Voice Project helps those with the disease regain and maintain their voice, while also offering graduate students there a valuable learning opportunity.

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Doctor's Visit

Saudi doctors fifth best in world


RIYADH: As many as 326 Saudi doctors and physicians enrolled for fellowship programs in the United States in the past three years, indicating an increase in the number of trainees in that country over the years. Moreover, the outstanding performance of Saudi doctors makes them the fifth best in the world in terms of specialist graduate rankings.

According to the Saudi cultural attaché in Washington, Mohammad Al-Essa, another batch of 62 doctors recently joined the program after passing the required test in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP).

Approximately 50,000 doctors of all nationalities around the world have applied for the same program, said the report, adding that the program ensures integrity and fair opportunities for all applicants based on advanced research and evaluation methods.

Al-Essa said that when Saudi doctors first started traveling to the US to train, only 10 fulfilled the requirements each year. However, Saudi graduates now rank fifth in terms of the number of doctors from each country graduating every year.

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