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Mohammed Al Ahbabi

Mohammed Masoud Al Ahbabi one of the principle partners on the executive team. Mohammed, being a United Arab Emirates national, has twenty years of experience in the field of business and security.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Science and Military Science from Zayed College, he also holds two Masters degrees, one in Strategic Sciences and one in Human Resource Management.

As an astute businessman, Mohammed established good business connections with the local community and these relationships help Florida Home Care develop various expansion business plans for future growth in the Middle East.

Mohammed Masoud Al Ahbabi has been recognized as an outstanding member of the Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Fund for entrepreneurs, which is a government agency promoting, and encouraging the advancement of business ventures. He has participated in programs sponsored by several civic organizations and various departments of the local government.

As a visionary for growth, innovation and sustainability, Mohammed has created and is in the process of developing strategies to introduce Florida Home Care to all potential customers in the Middle East.