Getting Your Exercise to Fit

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Everyone knows that exercise is essential to reducing or maintaining your weight, muscle tone, and improving your overall health. It’s a truth that can sometimes cause more stress than the exercise is meant to relieve. Schedules, work, and other activities seem to eat away at your day. When time does allow, sometimes you just want to sit back and relax.

You don’t have to fit in 2 hours of strenuous works outs every day to start making progress towards a healthier life. Short bursts of extra activity can be very effective. Even in bits as small as 5 to 10 minutes a few times a day can make a difference. Start small and build momentum. It can even begin by adding or changing up some simple activities to your daily routine that will add to your overall progress.

Here are a few tips to try to get your body moving:

  • Stuck in a line at the bank or store? Don’t waste the time, flex or stretch while you wait. It’s as easy as tightening or flexing your abs, tighten and hold your gluts, or rock on your feet from toe to heel. Subtle stretches can still tone those muscles and help with some flexibility.
  • Whenever you can, take the stairs. Work on the second floor of a building? Take the stairs down or up instead of waiting in the elevator que. It helps build stamina, increase circulation, and strengthen those leg muscles. It doesn’t have to be a race, but every time you do it will get you closer to your goal.
  • Running to the mall, or out for lunch or dinner? Park at the far end of the parking lot, or at least further away than you normally would. Little extra steps start to add up.
  • Household chores and exercise aren’t always on the “fun things to do” list. But, think of it as taking care of two things at once. Yard work, vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, scrubbing – they can be pretty strenuous work outs. Do them at a comfortably brisk pace and they can really begin to help your exercise routine.
  • Working in an office can be tough on getting fit, especially if you have a desk job. You can still fit in some muscle stretching and movement in little ways. Instead of just hitting the email or IM, walk over to your co-workers. Use restrooms on a different floor – and take the stairs to get there if you can. When you take a break, or lunch, add a brisk walk for a few minutes, even if it’s a short one. Give your legs a stretch under your desk. Simple little things can add up for your body, as well as refreshing your mind.
  • When you’re at home, don’t let binging on your favorite TV shows be an excuse to be sedentary. Whenever a commercial comes on, take those few minutes to do some stretches, get in a few sit ups or jumping jacks, or dance like crazy to the commercial music.

Don’t let a too busy life keep you from getting in the exercise and movement your body craves. By finding time to tone in bits throughout the day, you’ll be able to enjoy a longer, healthier life. You want to have time to be busy with the things and people you enjoy for years to come.

What are your favorite ways to get in some extra exercise during the day?

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