Giving Thanks….To Nurses – Healing through Dedication

I would like to take the opportunity of National Nurses week, to express the gratitude and esteem that I and the management of Florida Home Care feel for your professionalism and leadership in achieving and maintaining standard nursing care delivery to our patients. Florida Home Care appreciates your standards of knowledge, skills and abilities in nursing specialty practice and contributions to better patient outcomes. We recognize your level of dedication and competence. We appreciate what you do to help us continue our growth – as a health care provider, and to always build our skills together to contribute to higher standards of care and better patient health outcomes. With your generous support, together we will be able to continue delivering our high-quality Home Care health services to our patient. With my sincere thanks and regards…

 Do you know the significance of “Nurses Appreciation Day?”

In January of 1974, 12 May was chosen as the day to recognize and celebrate the importance of nurses in health care. The day was chosen as it is the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.  Her contributions to nursing education, as well as reform to hospitals procedures, were a significant achievement – particularly for a woman born in the 19th century. Known as “The Lady with the Lamp”, her work inspired both public support and royal recognition.

Florida Home Care has been at the frontline of providing home health care services in Abu Dhabi. We know, first hand, what an integral part a nurse plays not only in an individual’s progress response to treatment, but to the entire health care system.  Day in and day out, our nurses’ work hard to provide healing care and support to those suffering from trauma, illness, and disease. From the most trivial of tasks to the most significant, our nurses care for patients in a way that no one else can, forming the frontrunners of the healthcare industry today.

Do you have a special note for your nurse??? Share it with us and we will pass it on to our wonderful team…..

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