One of the common complaints we hear every now and then! Almost every individual suffers at
one point in life. Back pain with symptoms like numbness, tingling or weakness in lower
legs…its clearly serious… Call the Doctor right away! But mild back pain after picking heavy
object or after a long hard day at office is not a serious issue, all we need to do is change few of
our habits and we have it managed!
1. Maintain good posture
I have grown up listening CHIN UP SHOULDERS BACK TUMMY IN..and now I know why! Right
posture is the key to healthy back!
2. No bending while lifting objects
Do not attempt to lift objects by bending forward. Always bend your knees and hips and squat
down and keep it close to your body. Never lift an object above shoulder level. Avoid twisting
your body while lifting.
3. Maintain a correct position in front of computer:
Wrong posture for long hours in front of your laptop or computer can give you neck pain or back
pain. Sit up tall. Keep your keyboard close to you. And monitor at eye level. Do take frequent
breaks. Get up and move.
4. Sleep position:
The best position is sleep in a way that maintain a natural curvature of your back. Do not pull
knees very high to avoid fetal position. A little bent at knees is fine. Or best is to sleep at back
with a pillow below your knees.
5. Exercise:
Best thing we can do for our self is to take sometime out and exercise. Honestly this a gift to our
body we should all give. Few minutes everyday and we can fight a lot of diseases. A food for