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International Patients

Access our concierge health care services whenever you travel. Our concierge service address any challenges you might have when you’re traveling near – or far.

Florida Home Care’s patient-care services while traveling include:

* Travel with Certified Nurses and Caregivers

* Assistance with Obtaining Visas

* Travel Preparation (Before & During Your Trip)

* Translation Services

* Air Ambulance Arrangements

Florida Home Care will ensure clear and accurate communication with you and any additional health care professionals (if needed) during your trip. We understand world cultures and address any cultural sensitive issues for a smooth and seamless experience.

Florida Home Care patient’s traveling assistance is customized to their specific needs and health requirements as costs are pre-negotiated and unified into a single invoice.

Florida Home Care provides reliable solutions that focus on access to quality care, total patient satisfaction, peace of mind, fiscal health, and strong relationships between patients and their providers.

Currently, health care can be delivered in: the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Malaysia, and China. We will continue to increase our reach and add more destinations.

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