Keeping Good Care of Your Filters

There’s one organ, well two, that have an extremely important filtering function in your body. Kidneys – those bean-shaped organs located in the back of the abdomen. They have several filtering functions that keep your body in good shape.

Kidneys main function is to filter blood. All the blood in our bodies passes through the kidneys several times a day. They also remove wastes, control the body’s fluid balance, and regulate the balance of electrolytes. As the kidneys filter blood, they create urine, which is passed out as a waste product from the body.

Just like your heart or any other organ, kidneys also need to very good care. What can you do to achieve that???

Hydrate– Consuming 8 glasses of water/fluid on an average helps with maintaining good kidney function.

Consuming plenty of fluid helps the kidneys clear sodium, urea, and toxins from the body which, in turn, results in a “significantly lower risk” of developing chronic kidney disease.  It’s important to keep in mind that the right level of fluid intake for any individual depends on many factors including gender, exercise, climate, health conditions, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. In addition, people who have already had a kidney stone are advised to drink 2 to 3 litres of water daily to lessen the risk of forming a new stone.

Keep fit & activeA healthy lifestyle is the key to good health.

Optimum workout and nutritious food helps you lower the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. If you’ve been sedentary, or haven’t exactly been eating right, it’s OK. You can start to make those changes now. Start slow and build and you’ll not only help your kidneys but your overall health.

Do not SMOKE- Smoking reduces blood flow to kidneys and impairs kidney function.

Smoking also increases the incidence of kidney cancer. It causes issues with blood and proper filter functions.

Reduce the intake of over-the counter medications – Common drugs such non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen are known to cause kidney damage and disease if taken regularly.

Work along with your physician to deal with chronic pain conditions that create the need for these drugs. Also discuss if you have any pre-existing risk factors. If you have no pre-existing conditions, occasional use of these drugs might not pose a significant danger.

Certain physical conditions can also cause problems for your kidneys. It is a lesser known fact that high blood pressure is the most common cause of kidney damage. When paired with a heart condition, high cholesterol, or diabetes, your kidneys are under increased stress and need extra care. Work with your doctor to make sure your illness and medications aren’t having a detrimental effect on your kidneys.

Disease specific care calls for regular monitoring of your Kidney function when you have some of the pre-determined conditions:

  • you have diabetes
  • you have hypertension
  • you are obese
  • one of your parents or other family members suffers from kidney disease

Don’t let your body’s best filter get clogged. Keep your kidney’s running smoothly and your whole body will feel better.

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