Let us have a heart to heart about “HEART DISEASE”

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Your heart beats an average of 103,680 times a day. That makes an average of 2,838,240,000 times over your lifetime. It circulates blood throughout the body, to the farthest corners. It pumps constantly. If it should stop or hesitate – that’s when the problems start. A healthy heart is the corner stone for an overall healthy and a happier life.

What can you do every day to achieve a healthier life?

How do you incorporate the necessary little tweaks into your lifestyle?

  1. Exercise: Your Heart is a muscle and exercise helps to tone and strengthen muscles. You can easily incorporate regular exercise into your lifestyle by making only minor changes. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise to do and one of the easiest to incorporate in to your daily routine. It helps regulate blood flow, lowers blood pressure, reduces bad cholesterol (LDL), and increases good cholesterol (HDL). Consult a physician before starting any exercise regimen if you have a pre existing heart condition or a family history or heart or health problems.
  2. Diet: Watch your diet for fatty foods and carb overloads. Add more fresh vegetables, fruits, and healthy proteins like nuts and beans. This will help you achieve a balanced diet. Consult with a nutritionist for a proper understanding of what are heart healthy foods.
  3. NO SMOKING: Smoking reduces lung capacity and your tolerance to properly exercise. Simple everyday tasks can also become daunting for smokers. It increases the risk of stroke or heart attack by damaging the arteries and leading to excessive fatty deposits. It’s never too late to seek help to quit smoking for you or someone you love.
  4. Alcohol: Limiting alcohol use is always a good idea for reducing the risk of developing a heart condition.
  5. STRESS: With today’s fast paced lifestyle, stress is a leading cause of heart disease.Stress→Bad lifestyle choices→heart disease.

    Combat stress with meditation, laughing, clubs, spending time with loved ones and, last but not least, identifying the factors leading to your stress and trying to eliminate them.

  6. Doctor visits: We cannot stress enough about the importance of regular doctor’s visits. Early diagnosis can be lifesaving. Eliminating a disease before, or at the beginning, is the best practice. Finding a cure for an advanced disease is never as easy as taking  early steps to avoid it.

Florida Home Care, a premier home health care organization based in Abu Dhabi, can help you address issues you might have by providing support and care options such as:

  • In home Health checkups
  • Social companion to help you go visit your doctor.
  • Exercise help
  • Stress management

February is the month of the heart. We wish you a very Hearty and Healthy Month and Year!

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