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Mission, Vision, Values

Every person has a unique healthcare need. Finding the right path to recovery and better health sometimes requires an experienced navigator. That’s where Florida Home Care can help.

Our clinical specialists include highly skilled and experienced nurses, therapists, medical social works, and home health aides. This Care Team focuses specifically on empowering the individual in need; guiding them and helping them achieve their personalized goals. Whether it’s ensuring medication compliance, or creating a comprehensive personal care plan to manage chronic conditions, Florida Home Care strives to educate and work with our clients to prevent rehospitalization. In every moment of care, great or small, we provide service excellence that helps our clients achieve the right, best healthcare outcome.

Florida Home Care Mission Vision Values

Our Vision

Florida Home Care aspires to empower people to gain a better life through positive healthcare experiences.

Our Mission

To strive to achieve patient empowerment though personalized care, intervention, prevention, training, and education.

Core Values

Be Compassionate – Provide understanding, humane, and empathic care.

Teamwork is Essential– Engage each other and work together to achieve optimal patient results.

Take Responsibility – Always be accountable in the performance of duties and ensuring the long-term success of those in our care.

Be Tolerant –Valuing and including people from all cultures and backgrounds in the pursuit of our common goals can only add to our strength.

Show Integrity – Demonstrating honesty and fairness in our words, deeds and actions.

Embrace Creativity – Actively seek out innovation, practice flexibility, and be inventive in the pursuit of our vision and mission.

Strive for Excellence – Do our utmost to accomplish our goals with quality, rigor, passion, and distinction – for our company, ourselves, and most importantly our patients.