Nurses – The Heart of Home Care

People go in to nursing for any number of reasons: they are interested in medicine, they like having variety in their tasks, the job prospects are good and on the rise, there are many options and specialties in the profession, etc.  The strongest reason – they want to help people.

Nurses have a strong connection to the people they work with. While doctors often make the prognosis and are the primary medical provider, nurses get to know their patients a little better, getting to understand their personality, fears, family, and friends. Nurses can have a voice in a how care, medication, and therapies are affecting the patient. Home care nurses are often the voice for the person under their care.

Moving in to home care can be a difficult decision for a nurse.  But it can be one of the most rewarding career choices to follow.  The home setting is intimate as you’re helping people on a personal level. There is a greater sense of sharing and is a more natural flow to care. Clients, families, and their nurses often create a more familial bond. Many of the nursing duties remain the same: establishing a care plan, maintaining patients’ records and medical histories, performing diagnostic, monitoring medical equipment, administering medications, treatments and helping with rehabilitation.

In home nurses also find themselves in the role of teacher. Many in their care have recently been discharge from the hospital with injuries or illnesses that require follow up care, sometimes for the rest of their lives. It is the home care givers responsibility to help train the patient and family members about appropriate diet, nutrition, exercise, medication and its interactions, self-monitoring, administering treatments, and being observant for any issues that need to be professionally addressed.

There are down sides to home care. It can be hard to be in someone’s home when the living conditions aren’t the best, but care still must be given. And sometimes, not every family gets along, so it can be an awkward situation.

The upside is that, as a Home Care Nurse, you are at the center of care for someone who needs you in the place where their heart is… home.

“ To do what nobody else will do,

A way that nobody else can do,

   In spite of all we go through;

that is to be a nurse. “

– Rawsi Williams

If you are a registered nurse interested in the Home Care Field, Florida Home Care is always in search of talented minds and hearts to care for our patients. Contact our office today!

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