Speech Therapy is more than Words

Communication is a key element to human interaction. From the moment we are born, we are reaching out to let others know our needs and thoughts, even if at first it is only in simple sounds and cries.

If you know that your child has developmental problems, autism, or other communications problems, speech therapy can be an essential part of helping your child become more adaptive and interactive. Sometimes there are subtler signs, like being antisocial or struggling with words or phrases, that might require advice from a professional. The benefits of helping your child communicate more clearly will not only help your home life, but your child’s life for years to come.

How can speech therapy help?

It can help alleviate stress. Developing a way to communicate, whether through improved speech or other options like gestures, sign language, approximations, vocalizations, and/or other means of communication, can help your child feel more in control and capable, and help the family understand what the child wants to say. It can relieve a lot of pressure when needs and feelings can be expressed.

Improved Social Skills can help build your child’s confidence, self esteem, and help them become more independent. They will feel more part of the community.

It can improve breathing and swallowing for children who have physical issues. It is something many of us take for granted, but proper breathing, swallowing and muscle coordination are key to clear speech. Therapists help a child learn something that is so automatic to many of us.

Problem Solving and Literacy will be increased as comprehension, sequencing, actions, pronoun usage, categorization, and grammar usage can improve greatly through therapy.

Speech therapy can be time consuming and might feel like added pressure for the child and the family. It is something that goes beyond just the therapy sessions, but extends into practicing in daily life and interactions throughout the week. But it can be rewarding as the child develops greater confidence and the ability to better communicate.


The Earlier that the intervention starts for your child, the quicker that the disorder can be addressed and corrected

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