We all desire living within the comfort of our own home rather than a medical facility.” “Empowering people for a better life” This has always been my perspective in my 20 years of leading Home Health Care companies in the United States. As the Co-founder and CEO of Florida Home Care, I created this company with the mission to keep our clients safe, functional, and most importantly, experiencing comfort in their own home.

It is my belief that early identification equals early intervention. Florida Home Care takes each medical case very seriously and we address every issue on a one to one basis. Using this approach we have developed a high level of expertise in the home care industry and have helped every patient to attain good health and enjoy a better lifestyle.

Our Goal is simple, to deliver exemplary and compassionate care to the total person encompassing the mind, body, and spirit. We strive to provide our clients with the kind of service and care we would want for our own family members and ourselves. We staff our facilities and our home care services with the most experienced and compassionate staff available so that we may recognize and respond to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patients and families we serve.

Florida Home Care and all its company personnel are dedicated to the highest performance levels and with this on-going achievement we are determined to deliver the best home care service possible to all our clients. It is my understanding that our company needed to convey a clearer picture to our clientele of what, I believe, is our utmost and core mission.

Our values move us in spirit and in action. Our values are deeply engrained in the daily work we do and how we communicate, providing a mutual understanding and complete trust within our professional staff and each one of our individual clients. What are the standards that Florida Home Care has? Our purpose is to put our clients first in the delivery of the best health care possible in all situations in the comfort of their home the highest level of care and concern continues until the patients’ health is restored.

What is the main focus of the company? What areas have our full commitment? What are the organization segments that give strength and durability to Florida Home Care? The talent collective and collective experience of our associate is outstanding. When this questions been answer Florida Home Care will outshine others. In general Florida Home Care and all it associates are willing and able to address any medical need and through proper handling meet and excess expectation. Florida Home Care is a professional organization with an excellent industry reputation the company has develop strong business relationship with partners and colleagues we pride ourselves in designing future plan to sustainable growth.