Payment and Insurance

All you need to know about billing and coverage

Are Costs Covered By Insurance?

Coverage is based on each individual case and a nursing assessment can determine coverage, but Daman, Adnic, and most insurance plans are accepted. All plans follow the homebound status rule. To determine eligibility, refer your patient for a home care assessment today!

Florida Home Care Now Offers Provider Link!

Provider Link gives physicians and staff secure online access to real-time information about the patients theyíve referred to Florida Home Care.

Review home care orders

Approve, decline and sign home care orders. Make notes for changes to home care plans.


Secure, confidential, HIPAA-compliant

Provider Link creates a secure and confidential HIPAA-compliant environment that is so simple to use, even tech-wary users can see its utility

View patientís entire home care episode

View patientís vital stats and charts, diagnoses, medications, wound histories, and outcomes


Free! Provider Link comes at no cost to you!


If you are interested in enrolling, call Florida Home Care today or talk to your Florida Home Care representative.

Electronic Medical Records

Florida Home Care delivers completely paperless documentation, including point-of-care


  • Patient centered approach to innovation and development of Patient Care Programs
  • Increased adherence to evolving regulatory compliance
  • Streamlined activities to improve quality of care
  • Ability to quickly share data with physicians and providers

We decided to move forward with Health home care!

We can provide services up to 24 hours a day and there is always a local on-call registered Nurse and a Supervisor who can answer your questions and address any concerns after hours.