Getting Care

From Florida Home Care

When you might consider home care?

Being at home during a difficult time brings a sense of comfort and normality. We understand that desire to remain at home, where things are familiar. An illness or medical condition may threaten your independence, and it can be a frustrating and intimidating time. Our first meeting initial evaluation takes place where you currently live, whether it’s at home, with family members, an assisted living center, or elsewhere.

We look at your current state of health, your requirements, and evaluate the appropriate services that would be most effective. A home care plan is developed with the approval of your physician. Nurses, doctors, caregivers and therapists are part of YOUR team, and they will help and guide you to reach your healthcare goals.

Home care may be the answer if you...

  • Were recently discharged from a hospital or rehabilitation facility.
  • Reside in an assisted living or residential care facility.
  • Have a newly diagnosed medical condition.
  • Have a recurrence of a past or chronic medical condition.
  • Have multiple medical conditions and need assistance with the required medical care.
  • Recently had a surgical procedure and need wound care.
  • Need coordination of medical care for travel or relatives in the USA or Europe
  • Need assistance understanding interactions, side effects, timing, the purpose of multiple prescribed medicines.
  • Need physical, occupational, speech therapy, etc. rehabilitation services.
  • Need after school child care or a baby sitter with a RN/LPN/CNA/HHA.
  • Need ongoing care which requires using catheters, feeding tubes, etc.

It’s Easy To Start Working

with Florida Home Health Care


We’ll consolidate all of your vital data to develop your customized care plan. We are HIPAA compliant and take great measures to protect your privacy.


We’ll review your information and begin the process of developing your custom care plan with a Florida Home Care physician. Our Patient Care Coordinators are your advocates. They facilitate care between you as the patient, providers, physicians, hospitals, or other health care providers. They’ll even work with your existing providers to maximize your care and contain your costs. Physicians recommend care and we arrange everything for you. Providers recommend your care plan, we help coordinate the care. Once your custom care plan is complete, you’ll get a simplified quote.


We have a strong relationship with members of our Provider Network, so we can negotiate an affordable and competitive rate with a preferred physician or facility.


There are no membership costs, no recurring charges, and absolutely no hidden fees! Florida Home Care provides one simplified, streamlined billing process that’s easy to understand. We collect and pay the providers on your behalf. Feel comfortable knowing that this is taken care of before you even walk into the doctor’s office. One company, one bill, and one person to deal with and guide you.


Your Patient Care Coordinator schedules your appointment, finding the dates and times that work best for your schedule. You just have to show up for the appointment. We’ll follow up with you and the provider to make sure that your care plan was rendered to your complete satisfaction.

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